May 23, 2013


Around the Roundtable...

   Pendants In Progress  
Pieces In Progress for the Roundtable
What is a roundtable?
I have had so many people curious about this event, 
I thought I would elaborate.
Quite honestly it is constantly evolving...
If you participated in the first one,  I can say this....
This one is different. 
Different array of cuts, different way of presenting them, and a different price range.
I will also say...
-We will be looking at stones... probably the largest array of stones from every part of the globe that you have ever experienced in one sitting.
-There is something about each one of these stones that sets it apart. It's amazing clarity or color, an interesting formation, or a unique attribute.
-There is no cost to attend.
It is three hours. Kind of like going to dinner at a friends house except we will be feasting on gems and light snacks.
-Everyone participates with each other. If you are a little shy about this, ok... this is a safe place to shine, let your brilliance be your guide. And quite honestly the people how show up in this studio are some of the coolest, most lovely people you would ever want to meet.
-As always with the stones and I, the number one aim is to have fun and enjoy each other. Sometimes this means stepping slightly out of the comfort zone... where ALL the GREAT things in life happen.

"Roundtable Experience" 
Friday June 7th
5:30pm - 8:30pm
There is a seat for you,
  RSVP necessary.  
May 16, 2013


The Detachment of Empathy & Compassion...

   Agate Drusy Heart  
Agate Drusy Heart with Bee friend
Empathy, Compassion and Detachment.
Noticing the Navigation in these states of being.
Noticing the initial reactions to situations and people.
Noticing any judgment of those initial thoughts or feelings. 
Noticing how these states move through each other with grace.
I notice when I experience the life challenges of friends and loved ones,
There is a deep moment of pure empathy.
And then, often rather quickly, a state of detachment.
I have often judged and not trusted this innate body intelligence.
Thinking that perhaps I am insulating, or being callous.
I have even entertained that something happened to me as a child developmentally.
But when I come back to center, I realize that detachment to me is compassion in action.
Webster's definition of compassion is a feeling of deep sympathy or sorrow (empathic response) for another with a strong desire to alleviate the suffering. 
This desire to alleviate the suffering can only truly be achieved by surrender to what IS.
When we accept that what is, IS,
suffering can't exist.
It only lives in the thought "if this were different".
As I step into this place of acceptance, wether it is of my development as a child or my judgement as an adult, compassion floods my being.
Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.
Compassion in detachment.
Not from the people,
but from ALL that is NOT what IS.



The door is open


May 09, 2013


Weeding the Internal Garden

  Rainbow Moonstone   
Rainbow Moonstone


Ever feel your internal space is filled with weeds?


Not suprising that I would relate to this analogy.

 Since moving into our new home,

 weeds are something I have become quite familiar with,

 and I have spent a lot of time plucking.


As I sit outside 

rooting out the octopus arms of oxalis, 

 my mind wanders....

I am often surprised by what surfaces,

and even more surprised by the avalanche of internal dialog.

It has led to some profound moments of introspection

and a deep desire to weed the internal space.


Being quiet in nature with a few stone helpers,

is a way I cultivate this inner garden.

Releasing old patterns and wounds,

letting go of invasive thoughts.

It is time to schedule some retreat time...

How about you?



The door is open


May 02, 2013


Home Sweet Home...

Aquamarine, Nigeria


Home sweet Home.

The Uhaul has landed,

The nest has arrived back in Santa Barbara!


So excited to see how this informs the work with the stones 

and the offerings planned for the rest 2013!


What would you like to see more of?


The door is open


April 25, 2013


What is PechaKucha...?

    Crazy Lace Agate   
Crazy Lace Agate
I will be giving a slide presentation
"The Amazing Magical Mineral Kingdom"
PechaKucha Logo
Thursday, April 25th 

Doors open at 7pm

9 Presentations starting at 7:45pm.

Lights out by 10pm.

$7 donation


University Club, 1332 SB Street 
(between Victoria & Sola)
Ben Werner + Faye Cox: A look at Monetary Ecology 
Stephen Pope: What our prisoners need 
Enrique Kreuter: Is Paris burning? A  
Lorrie Thomas Ross: MarkEDing - the future of marketing 
Maureen Maloney: The American Tall Ship Institute 
Penny Little: Little Savage™ - an expose on art, life and creativity 
Luc Maes: The story of the Baobab Tree 
Dawn O'Bar: Solar lighting around the world 
Maile Ellington: Exploring humanity's fascination with stones

to see you there
PKN Santa Barbara is on the last Thursday of a month, 4 times a year (Jan/April/July/September).
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