December 05, 2013


I love you...

Rainbow Moonstone

Things change.
A lot.
Loosening the grip of our want to control can feel scary. 
Often our minds are not able to put into words 
what our heart knows to be true.
Following your heart and your intuition, 
can look to others irresponsible or un-evolved.
But ultimately, 
what really matters,
is to wake up in the morning loving and forgiving yourself.

 To go to bed at night loving and forgiving yourself.

Each day,
 a fresh opportunity
to be the expression of love you came here to be.
and It starts with loving yourself.
with so much love, 
The door is Open
November 28, 2013


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Giving So Much Thanks 
for YOU! 
part of this outrageous world wide web of 
stone lovers.
 we are truly all connected     
November 21, 2013


Happy to be Home (:

Home to sweet rain!
Waking up to a sky and view that is outrageously beautiful, the air crisp, clear and vibrant, and that cozy delicious feeling of being home.
My heart was so heavy and sad yesterday leaving Kauai.  
Then driving through Los Angeles, late at night in the rain, after having been in one of the softest, most feminine and beautiful places in the world, was straight out of some sci-fi film like Blade Runner. All angular, neon and slick. A bit of a shock to the system.
But this morning all my sadness and shock has vanished.
There is just intoxicating excitement at being home in my community that I love, ready to head down to the studio and greet my stone friends and open the doors to receive you! 
With SO much love and Aloha
The Door is Open
November 14, 2013


Crystal Aloha...

The Kauai adventure continues, with so much love, connection, expansion, surrender, softening and transformation.
As the final days of the second week of The Mermaid Retreat unfold I am filled with so much gratitude for the opportunity to play with such stellar women on this phenomenal island and deepen my ability to bring my gifts to the world. 
This morning leading my last crystal journey of the retreat... deep dive.
Looking forward to offering more in Santa Barbara.
Home next Thursday!
With SO much love and Aloha
The Door is Open
November 07, 2013


Studio Closed Today, Open Next Week

Thursday, November 7th
FOR BUILDING MAINTENANCE & Jordan will be hosting next week!
October 31, 2013


Aloha from Kauai...


Sugilite- Kalahari desert South Africa
Here on beautiful Kauai, 
melting into the flow of her rhythms.
Letting go of the need to control outcomes.
(Even the need to control what time you receive this email :))
The stones are going to the beach today, 
to bath and cleanse in the water and sun.
To prepare for our upcoming offerings with the Mermaid Retreat. 
I promise pictures :)
With SO much love,
The Door is Open
October 24, 2013


Connecting the Web...


Yellow Danburite
Next week I am off to share the wonders of the 
Magical Mineral Kingdom, and frolic with Mom and the Mermaids on the beloved Island of Kauai!
This year I will be leading offerings with the stones,
introducing these tremendous teachers and meditations to deepen our connection with their loving guidance.
We will also be clearing blocks that keep us from fully receiving the immensity of their love available every moment.
And you will all be there...
Because every one of you have created a relationship with your stones and experienced being truly connected to higher power, ourselves, the earth and to this OUTRAGEOUS tribe of stone lovers that is woven across the globe. 
It is this web of love, that you have helped create, that we will be accessing. Thank you! 
So grateful for the opportunity to share these exquisite beings with the world and for the family we have all created through our willingness to love ourselves and each other.
With SO much gratitude,
The Door is Open
October 17, 2013


Time to Breathe...


Hematoid Quartz- Madagascar
The moment that we have awareness that we are being tyrannized by time, 
is the moment we can step out of being victim,
and step into choosing well-being. 
Our well-being is always most important.
Have you ever piled so many "to do" items on your plate, that by the end of the day you are rushing, frustrated, beat down and under nourished?
Yep. That would have been me yesterday.
I could feel my being leaning forward pressing into the next moment, like if I hurried this moment up, the next one would come sooner and I could get more done.
Crazy huh?
Awareness came when I was rushing...
cursing at the car in front of me going ridiculously slow...
to a gathering.
A gathering I was really excited about, but just now felt like another "to do" item. No joy, just "I am late, I have three more things to get done before I have to be there"
I realized that I was sitting in the belief that there wasn't enough time and I was being victimized by it's inevitable march.
When awareness dawned, there was that moment when, now I had awareness, 
but some part didn't want to let go of the victim. 
She was justified in her frazzlement, dammit!
I physically sat back and took a deep breath. 
And remembered,
The most important thing here is my well-being.
Truly there is only this moment.
I had to lead the mind down off its high horse of entitled insanity to a the present moment. 
I had to choose to be totally present to the moment that was happening.
Magic. Peace. Relief. Compassion. Love.
Being fully present in this moment, to this moment; 
well being and sanity exists here. 
We create time by our presence with it.
This moment is all that truly exists.
Thank you for your presence.
With SO much love,
The Door is Open
October 10, 2013


Soup's On!


Moldavite- One of the only gemstones of extraterrestrial origin.
It is a tektite found in the Czech Republic
It is a never ending, everyday dance, 
Cooking up a wholehearted life.
Healing, fun, rest, alone time, 
togetherness, work, risk taking, 
safety, movement, stillness, play, 
nourishment, laughter, tears, love....
all the myriad of ingredients
from which we make our daily soup of life.
Somedays a thick hearty stew and others a watery broth.
What is the perfect soup for you today?
What kind are you craving?
What ingredients haven't you used for a long time?
What is the most outrageous recipe you can dream up?
What is your favorite? 
See you in the kitchen.
Bon Appétit!  
With SO much love,
The Door is Open
October 03, 2013


The Beauty of a Broken Bead

The ones that didn' make it...  

Broken Beads
Some just don't make it.
Some just don't make it...
 ...into the form that we had planned for them that is.
But what if, in the greater scheme of things, 
the way it's seemingly broken, 
is in fact perfect.
I have saved thousands of broken beads over the years,
beads that didn't make it 
into the form I had planned for them.
I have always had a desire 
to turn them into a fabulous art project.
A beautiful reminder
That everything that is seemingly broken,
 is really just open to another form of being.
With SO much love,
The Door is Open