Blue Chalcedony Earrings

This yummy pendant shape with an accent bead are our most sought-after earrings thanks to their universally flattering style. We call the accent bead the “helper bead” because it amplifies the beauty, balance, and power of the main stone.  We know these will be your most often reached for pair when you get dressed in the morning. 

One-of-a-kind, Blue Chalcedony sourced from Namibia and hand-carved right here in our Santa Barbara studio, wired with sterling silver wire and sterling silver lever-back findings.

Blue Chalcedony Stone Story

Hailing from the starkness of central Namibia Africa,
the blue chalcedony from this region
is the most exceptional in color, clarity, and saturation in the world. 

I always marvel at its shade.
 Known as blue but really mingling
with the spectrum of purple more consistently.

One of the first times I worked blue chalcedony,
some 20 years ago, I had a vision.

It was of a circle of about 100 women holding hands. 
Behind each woman in the circle where the women of her lineage 
stretching behind her for hundreds of generations.

There was a chant...
"We are the mothers of mothers of mothers of mothers..."
It went on and on in a loop
back through the rays of hundreds of generations with no end. 

The feeling was that the wisdom and power
innate in this lineage is always there.
We only have to remember and call upon it. 

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