Labradorite Earrings

Delicate drops of color dance playfully beneath your lobes in our Double Stack style, made of hand-carved gemstones. Rock them all day or rock the night away!

One-of-a-kind, Labradorite sourced from Madagascar and hand-carved right here in our Santa Barbara studio, wired with sterling silver wire and sterling silver lever-back findings.

Labradorite Stone Story

Most of you have heard me tell my story 
of Labradorite singing
"this little light of mine"
A true ally in bringing our gifts to the world.
But you might not have heard me tell of my experience with its energy of protection...
It feeling like placing a shimmering shield of light around my energetic body, 
so nothing that is vibrating at a lower frequency can pass through.
An amazing ally in bringing our gifts to the world.
In the ancient lore of the Inuit peoples of Labrador
there is a story of the Aurora Borealis had being trapped in stones which created Labradorite.
All the magic and wonder of the natural world held in this stone...
A delightful ally in bringing our gifts to the world. 

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