"Bright Heart" Celebration Lariat

One of a kind, hand carved gemstone beads of Green Turquoise and Australian Chrysoprase make up this exquisitely handmade labor of love.

The "Celebration" Lariat is approximately 44 inches long, knotted on the finest natural Greek leather and is most often worn loosely knotted in front. We also love it wrapped around the neck several times as a choker, or wrapped around the wrist as a beautiful bracelet. 

Chrysoprase Stone Story

"I am here to help you heal your broken heart...
Yes, your hurts from the trials and tribulations of being human,
lost love, disappointment, betrayal... 
But even deeper than those...
The original broken heart.
The belief, the thought, that you could ever be separate.”

Chrysoprase reminds us of the truth of who we are.

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