Blue Jade Pendant

This one-of-a-kind piece is created with hand-carved Blue Jade sourced from California, with Blue Jade beads. Hand-strung on durable brown nylon cord, this pendant is an adornment, a talisman, and a steadfast, healing friend. 

We also gave it a sliding bead to adjust the length and two bead dangles at the end for ultimate wearing happiness! 

Length range is approximately 13” – 33.”


Blue Jade Stone Story

Rock steady.
I am steady, calm, deep strength,
like that of a large river.
Soothing, Peaceful and serene to sit near.
If you choose to align with your souls calling, 
when you choose to wade in with me,
the strength of this current 
asks for surrender to the flow.

You may have fear. 
Connect with your breath,
feel me and what I represent, 
I am here to be your river guide. 
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