"Grace" Celebration Lariat

One of a kind, hand carved gemstone beads of Rainbow Moonstone, and White Agate, and Clear Quartz make up this exquisitely handmade labor of love.

The "Celebration" Lariat is approximately 44 inches long, knotted on the finest natural Greek leather and is most often worn loosely knotted in front. We also love it wrapped around the neck several times as a choker, or wrapped around the wrist as a beautiful bracelet. 

Clear Quartz Stone Story

Clear intentional space.
The awareness of the space.
Opening to greater internal space that has always been there.

Moonstone Stone Story

Surfing the waves of the emotional body
with the joy and skill of a big wave rider.
Moonstone always feels like an incredible ally
and emotional-body surf instructor.
Helping us to discover the awe, beauty, and deliciousness of
the unknown, uncontrollable, and infinite nature of our emotions.
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