Peruvian Blue Opal Pendant

This one-of-a-kind piece is hand-carved Blue Opal sourced from Peru with hand-carved Blue Opal accent beads. Strung by hand on durable brown nylon cord, this pendant is an adornment, a talisman, and a steadfast, healing friend. 

We also gave it hand-tied sliding knots to adjust the length, for ultimate wearing joy!

Length range is approximately 13” – 30.”

Blue Opal Stone Story

A meditation with Blue Opal...
Many of you have heard me tell of this meditation in person.
It still touches me deeply.
The Deva of Blue Opal shows it's self as a dolphin,
with a strong presence of playful endearing energy. 
I ask the Deva, "where will you take me?'
The being replies
"I will take you deep into the oceans of your psyche and help you communicate your hearts deepest treasure. But you must have faith and courage to believe that you can breathe where you have been taught you can not."
I say "Is there more for me to know at this time"
"there is plenty! It is only a matter of stilling your mind enough to hear."
"will you be patient with me and not abandon me?"
 and the Deva said 
"The only one who can ever abandon you is yourself."
People, tools for enlightenment, gurus, healers, rock stars and tides come and go, but the stillness, the "I AM" ness of our inner being,
the timelessness of our soul is always there.
We need only quiet the mind and listen.
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