"Soteria" Celebration Lariat

To drape yourself in this delicious array of precious stone beings, is to honor and truly celebrate your own divine collection of experience and being. 

A careful curation of synergistic Psilomelane, Black Tourmaline, Rainbow Obsidian, Jet, Shungite, Chert, and Black Petrified Palm Wood beads dance spaciously along a super soft strand of the finest Greek leather, each shaped by human hands with curiosity and intention.

We named her "Soteria" after the Greek goddess of safety; preservation from harm. 

Like a rosary of your own sacred devotion, this adornment is versatile and can be worn an abundance of ways: wrap it in front, lariat-style, with the delicious center stone at your throat; generously adorn your wrist; encircle your neck many times with a spectrum of mineral blessings.

No matter how you wear it, little pieces of Earth from all over this planet will decorate your every move with plays of light and color. 

Approximately 42” long.

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