Lapis Earrings

One-of-a-kind, Lapis sourced from Afghanistan and hand-carved right here in our Santa Barbara studio, wired with gold fill wire and gold fill lever-back findings.

Versatile and dripping with beauty: the three bead dangle-style is one of our most sought-after styles because it’s so universally flattering and can be dressed up and down without missing a beat.


Lapis Lazuli Stone Story

Lapis always speaks to me of ancient wisdom
and access to planes of awareness.
I once had a meditation/journey with Lapis
where I was transported to an isolated knoll that was in utter darkness.
This made the stars of the sky seem to multiply a thousandfold
and grow in intensity.

I lay down on this knoll and the boundary of where "I" begin
and where something "other" than me begins dissolved.
I was the wisdom of ALL time...
I was the sky, the stars and everything that ever was.

The closest reference I have ever found for this experience
is what is called the Akashic records.

Lapis has been working with humanity for a very long time
and it feels to me that it holds within its regal majesty
an understanding of humanity that is compassionate and powerful. 



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