Moss Agate Earrings

This yummy pendant shape with an accent bead are our most sought-after earrings thanks to their universally flattering style. We call the accent bead the “helper bead” because it amplifies the beauty, balance, and power of the main stone.  We know these will be your most often reached for pair when you get dressed in the morning. 

One-of-a-kind, Moss Agate sourced from India and hand-carved right here in our Santa Barbara studio, wired with sterling silver wire and sterling silver lever-back findings.

Moss Agate Stone Story

This stone holds a mystique, a remarkable beauty.
Delicate structures floating at various depths, 
reminding of us of our dimensions.
The breadth and depth of our nature.
The mystery that surrounds the very facts of our human existence.

"If I could relay to you the unfathomable intricacies,
the crazy synchronicities,
the precision, and the wild abandon that all converged
over "hard to grasp" amounts of time for my existence to be true...
You would be so in awe of the universe that surrounds you
as to be permanently changed.
And my existence is but a one drop in an ocean of creation stories...
Miracles of existence are all around you every day.
And you are of the most beautiful"

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