Rose Quartz & Friends Love Bead Necklace

An everyday, never-take-it-off, goes-with-everything companion, our Love Beads make the perfect starter piece, gift or addition to your collection.

As with all our pieces, these are one-of-a-kind, rare and precious.  

A central Brazilian Rose Quartz bead is accented with Morganite and Rose Quartz beads which are hand picked and hand cut in our Santa Barbara Studio with big love and beautiful intention. 

Hand-strung on a brown nylon cord with adjustable sliding knots. 

Length range is approximately 13” – 30.”

Rose Quartz Stone Story

Allow your eyes to half close while gazing on this stone.
Focus softly like the image itself, take a few deep breaths
and receive the transmission of divine love.
Feel your body relax and respond to this energetic embrace.
Allow the love and comfort that the Earth has for you in…

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