Simply Elegant Amethyst & Friends Love Beads

Our everyday, never-take-it-off, goes-with-everything companion piece is re-envisioned in our new Simple Elegance line! 

A single 16" oxidized sterling silver wire floats around the neck, holding beautiful beads of Zambian Amethyst, Nepalese Kyanite, and Tanzanite.

Amethyst Stone Story

Amethyst has a long and illustrious history with humans,  
beloved for thousands of years and assigned many attributes.
To me right now right now it feels like amethyst is here to help us
connect to our higher calling.

Lot's has been shaken up.
Maybe in the falling away of old structures,
we have an opportunity to open to new ways or foundations.
What wants to emerge? 
What has been waiting to emerge?
Can we open the crown and allow the outrageous abundance
of life force to guide us toward a deep soul nurturing life?

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