Black Tourmaline Pendant

This one-of-a-kind piece is created with hand-carved Black Tourmaline, with Black Tourmaline and Psilomelane beads. Hand-strung on durable black nylon cord, this pendant is an adornment, a talisman, and a steadfast, healing friend. 

We also gave it a sliding bead to adjust the length and two bead dangles at the end for ultimate wearing happiness! 

Length range is approximately 13” – 33.”


Black Tourmaline Stone Story


Calming of my thoughts and smoothing of my field... 

Your presence steadies me and helps me to fully inhabit the space. 

There is a way in which you help me feel full and sure... 

that allows negativity to simply roll off with nothing to stick to.

Centering, grounding and protecting.

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