“True Blue" Celebration Lariat

One of a kind, hand carved gemstone beads of variations of Blue Aventurine from Brazil make up this exquisitely handmade labor of love.

The "Celebration" Lariat is approximately 44 inches long, knotted on the finest natural Greek leather and is most often worn loosely knotted in front. We also love it wrapped around the neck several times as a choker, or wrapped around the wrist as a beautiful bracelet. 

Blue Aventurine Stone Story

True blue, baby I love you!

I bought the rough of this Brazilian Blue Aventurine around 16 years ago.
It has always spoken to me of reliability, leadership and constancy. 

A steady boat in a tumultuous sea.
Blue Aventurine strengthens the throat chakra
and the connection of the throat with the third eye. 
Allowing for ease in conveying vision,
and promoting the strength and calm to bring into reality.

To me this stone has always said
"I got your back, we got this."

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