Lapis Bliss Necklace

A collection of exquisite hand carved Lapis beads from Afghanistan. 

Bliss is truly precious, and the intention of our Bliss necklace is to anchor the feeling in your being.  An exquisite, single collection of hand-picked, hand-carved, matched Lapis beads are strung on double brown nylon cord, thin enough to be both durable and elegant. We also gave it an adjustable sliding bead and two bead dangles at the end for ultimate wearing happiness.

Length range 13 to 30 inches. 


Lapis Lazuli
Lapis always speaks to me of ancient wisdom
and access to planes of awareness.
I once had a meditation/journey with Lapis
where I was transported to an isolated knoll that was in utter darkness.
This made the stars of the sky seem to multiply a thousandfold
and grow in intensity.

I lay down on this knoll and the boundary of where "I" begin
and where something "other" than me begins dissolved.
I was the wisdom of ALL time...
I was the sky, the stars and everything that ever was.

The closest reference I have ever found for this experience
is what is called the Akashic records.

Lapis has been working with humanity for a very long time
and it feels to me that it holds within its regal majesty
an understanding of humanity that is compassionate and powerful. 

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