Men's Smokey Quartz Barrel Bead

Activity and ocean ready, the Sexy Man Bead is a single, hand-carved Smokey Quartz barrel on a durable brown nylon cord, which is a good thing since he’ll never want to take it off.

PS. Lots of babes wear this sexy little style too! 

Hand-strung with adjustable sliding knots. Length range is approximately 13” – 30.”

Smokey Quartz Stone Story

"Your soul has a special mission.
Your soul is supremely conscious of it. 
Maya, illusion or forgetfulness, makes you feel that you are finite, weak and helpless.
This is not true.
You are not the body.
You are not the senses.
You are not the mind.
These are all limited.
You are the soul, which is unlimited.
Your soul is infinitely powerful.
Your soul defies all time and space."
~Sri Chinmoy

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