Parrot's Wing Chrysocolla Pendant

This one-of-a-kind piece is hand-carved Parrot's Wing Chrysocolla sourced from Mexico with hand-carved Amazonite, Chrysocolla, and Quartz accent beads. Strung by hand on durable (brown or black) nylon cord, this pendant is an adornment, a talisman, and a steadfast, healing friend. 

We also gave it a sliding bead to adjust the length and two bead dangles at the end for ultimate wearing happiness! 

Length range is approximately 13” – 33.”


Parrot's Wing Chrysocolla Stone Story

"I can hear your heart
whispering its secret desires.
It is time to strengthen this voice,
to give it practice and support.

It is time to cultivate the courage
to speak and stand in the knowledge of your desire
with conviction and curiosity.

You, dear one, 
are the one you have been waiting for.
Come home to yourself like never before
and revel in the love and wisdom you have to share"  
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