Rose Quartz Pendant

One of our favorite styles of all time, this small and luscious one-of-a-kind Brazilian Rose Quartz is designed to sit right below that beautiful little notch between your collarbones. 

A single strand of the highest quality Greek leather holds this little baby snugly in place, giving the piece a look that can be worn all day, every day, even when you swim, surf, run, shower, practice yoga or dance the night away. 

This necklace wraps around the neck once and clasps in back with a sterling silver  lobster clasp. Approximately 16” from end to end.

Rose Quartz Stone Story

Allow your eyes to half close while gazing on this stone.
Focus softly like the image itself, take a few deep breathes
and receive the transmission of divine love.
Feel your body relax and respond to this energetic embrace.
Allow the love and comfort that the Earth has for you in…

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