Three Strand Ecstasy Necklace

Ecstasy… we all crave it, and we do many things to hunt it down. Our Ecstasy necklace is a more direct path to the real feeling than most.

The power of three is harnessed in three strands of precious, synergistic gemstones that create a trifecta of supporting energies. The visual is classic; the feeling is ecstatic; the elemental connectedness is delicious.

Hand-strung on double brown nylon cord, thin enough to be both durable and elegant, with sterling silver end bars and a sterling silver lobster clasp.  Three layered strands range from 17”- 20.”

This Ecstasy comes to you with hand carved beads of Amazonite, Turquoise, Shattuckite, and China Blue Ice!

Amazonite Stone Story

You allow me to access to the unlimited well of beauty.
You help me to glimpse the truth of my divinity 
so that the limits I place on myself 
with thoughts and beliefs
recede for a moment...

Shattuckite Stone Story

Shattuckite, such a stone of surety, stability, balance...
and yet all of these qualities in service to The Exploration. 
A solid foundation from which to launch.
A source reminder for far-ranging expeditions.
A touchstone for the dream...

"A dream that will need
all the love you can give,
every day of your life for as long as you live"

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