Breathe, Connect, Reset...

November 15, 2018

Chrysocolla Pendant

It has only been one week...
I had just finished sending off last weeks Thursday morning email
when I received a text that said, 

"M&D are fine there was a shooting in TO. They weren't nearby"

In California, every day since the mass shooting it has been news of more fires
with homes, and lives lost...

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Creating toward Connection

November 08, 2018

We continue every year,
to stay curious about whether to stay open the Friday after Thanksgiving, 
the infamous "Black Friday".
And again we have landed on YES!
~ here's why...
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Boulder Opal, Cracks = Treasure

November 01, 2018

Boulder Opal Pendant

Boulder Opal

Today, Thursday I will be creating a little "ofrenda" 
in honor of our loved ones passed...
If you feel moved to bring a small offering,
a leaf, or rock to place on the altar
in memory of your people, gone but not forgotten.
Or share a story over tea,
I would love to be with you and our dead...

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Montana Agate, Awe of Creation...

October 25, 2018

Montana Agate Pendant

Montana Agate

~ Stone Story ~ 

This stone holds a mystique, a remarkable beauty.
Delicate structures floating at various depths, 
reminding of us of our dimensions.
The breadth and depth of our nature...

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