To Circle with Women

August 03, 2017

In a sacred circle of women, I heard myself say,
that I felt as if my interaction with life was careening…
A bit out of control, listing.

But as I gave this revelation more context and compassion

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The power of sexual energy...

July 20, 2017


Sexual energy....  a powerful force of nature. 

One of the perspective shifts I experienced while being out of the USA,
was the ability to see clearly how puritanical the USA is as a country.
How the suppression of, and lack of healthy expression of, powerful innate sexually energy, comes to the surface in in more subversive ways.

"The Way" continues to unfold...

July 06, 2017


The Camino journey for me was epic. 
And it created a lot of hunger for long wilderness backpack trips.

There is something incredibly nourishing about disconnecting 
from the routine of the day to day.
Giving space to conn
ect to something innate, universal and infinite.

Truly a transformative gift that has changed me utterly.
I am just not exactly sure what has changed….

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