Meet Maile

Maile Bio Photo


I dreamt I was a carver of stones, until I woke up...
and realized the whole time they had been shaping me."  ~ 

In 1993, I held an ancient strand of neolithic stone beads in my hand. In that moment, the shape of my world changed forever. 

I felt a full body awakening, a remembrance. 

A calling from the seed of all I’ve ever been, across centuries and continents. 

A call to bridge the worlds of man and mineral. 

When I sat to carve my first stone, I remembered its past, its present and I knew beyond knowing that this was my future. 

Since that day, for over 20 years I have listened to the stones, bringing them to people all over the world who seek their guidance and outrageous beauty. 

I serve as a conduit, cultivating a global circle of humanity with shared vision and heart. 

A tribe who treasures nature’s gifts, and through their stones, treasures each other. 

Every stone is hand carved in my studio in Santa Barbara, California. 


Mahalo, Maile