April 07, 2016




Last week was tough.

If it is any consolation it was the last quarter moon
and the planets aligned in such a way that
whatever crisis of consciousness we pinpointed, 
or where grappling with, 
needed us to be totally present with it.

So we could get truthful about what is working and what is not.
so we could be clear and ready for the new moon of today.

When something new is born again.

This is New Moon, is a SuperMoon in Aries
and is likened to walking through a purifying fire.
I feel that energy flooding in...
or maybe "flaming in" would be more accurate.

Here to burn away
the ways of being, patterns and perceptions 
that are not working personally or planetary.

Claiming, with spring, a fresh new perspective,
fresh new eyes.
Returning to us all our energy 
refocused, realigned, renewed.
With so much love, the door is open.


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