April 28, 2016



Crazy Lace Agate Pendant

I love when I am at an event, 
 like Homespun this last Saturday,
(Which was great BTW, thank you for coming, such a good time!)
 and someone introduces themselves
sharing that they have been getting these Thursday Musings,
 and they are grateful, they feel a kinship.
It is a humbling and gratifying experience 
that cracks my heart open over and over.
See, I have never considered myself as a writer.
I have to work at every sentence.
It was the stones that encouraged (directed ;) me 
to write these Musings.
So for the last 10 or so years,
the practice has been to wake up at 5:30 on Thursday mornings 
and share what is alive.
Some weeks are more vulnerable.
Some more powerful.
Some more frustrating.
This is life.
We are here on this planet living it everyday... 
Thank you for living it with me.
Thank you for showing up.
Thank you for bringing your whole-heart to the party.
And thank you for sharing your love.
With so much love, the door is open.

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