May 05, 2016


Vulnerability and Plate Spinning...

Idocrase Pendant


With Brene Brown's work spreading like wild fire,
vulnerability is a hot topic of conversation...
But beyond the conversing, is the practice.
And boy I do mean practice.

Practicing vulnerability is 
how I imagine it's like learning to spin plates. 
Just learning to balance the plate on the stick  
requires being open to a lot of crashing plates.
It can feel messy.
It can be messy.

So far my experience is that most people soften 
when they witness my vulnerability.
They are generous allowing me space to topple yet another plate 
and even helpful in cleaning up the debris. 

I have found the practice,
no matter how successful I judge it be,
(and Judgement free awareness is really helpful here)
gives us all more room and permission 
to get closer and more familiar to our disowned parts.
Those parts of us that, 
 when we are being the opposite of vulnerable,
 we are trying to protect or run away from.

It gives permission to pick up a stick and give another plate
and give it a whirl.
With so much love, the door is open

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