June 02, 2016

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Allowing and Voting...

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There are a lot of political opinions 
floating around out there right now!
It is hard not to get caught up in our own story,
 and why our opinion is right.
The research we have done,
 our world view, 
 it seems like a no- brainer... 
How come "those people" can't see how obvious this is?
"Those people" are us...
 Our neighbors, relatives, workmates.
Allowing room for another's opinion, 
even when it feels threatening our way of life, 
or our perceived safety, 
can be tough, really tough.
The division that strong opinions,
 especially without conscious allowing,
 can create may reek havoc and last for years.
Reminds me of a very crass saying from my childhood
"opinions are like assholes,
everyones got one"
And being a Democracy means everyone is entitled to it.
I just want to encourage each and every one of us
to actually ACT on our opinion.
Find something in a candidate that you can support 
and give them your vote.
Let your voice be counted.
And when confronted by strong opinions 
that differ from your own,
choose how, or if, you want to engage.
You don't have to change their mind,
 you don't have to defend yours.
Just breathe and consciously allow space for opinions.
June 7th primary!
With so much Love. The door is open.

1 Comment


June 10, 2016

This is simply beautiful. Truth. Thank you for sharing what the universe spoke. Your words have found a home in my heart and I am already passing them on.

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