November 19, 2014


Rainbow Bridge

I had to share with you my excitement!
I returned last night from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I viewed
"The Rainbow Bridge"--my latest delightful creation on Exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in the Wertz Gem Hall, alongside amazing masterpieces of gem art.
I am still breathing deep taking it all in.
I finished the piece the day before it was photographed for the jurying process.
Knowing it was not its name, but needing to send the info right then, I called it "The River of Light". 
It was not until a week later that the name "The Rainbow Bridge" andall that it stood for came to me with crystal clarity (with the help of a 12 year old rock star named Sydney).
"The Rainbow Bridge"
A bridge between humanity and the mineral kingdom,
A bridge between the 32 countries of the world where these stones were collected over a 20 year span before being carved.
A bridge of diversity.
A bridge of light and beauty. 
A bridge of awareness and love.
If you get a chance, go see the exhibit, it is an amazing collection,
and Pittsburgh was beautiful and interesting too!
Thanks for celebrating with me!
The door is Open



March 15, 2015

I visited the Carnegie Museum with my family on Thanksgiving weekend. I remember seeing this necklace in a horizontal case in the Wertz Gem Hall. As I entered Wertz Hall, it was straight back, slightly to the left. I remember it well. It was the highlight of my visit. Thank you.

Ruth Van Dyne
Ruth Van Dyne

November 27, 2014

Wearing your exquisite work is a daily must for me. I shared your “Rainbow Bridge” email with Baja friends and their accolades were bountiful. Friend Mary will view it when she heads back east.

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