January 15, 2015


It's all happening...

This Boulder Opal reminds me of one of of my practices, 
 The art of letting go.
Like all things in life, it becomes easier with practice,
and there is always something that you haven't practiced for,
 which it keeps life interesting ;)
I am not talking about giving up.
Letting go is essential to having or doing.
When we let go, we are much closer to, and more likely to, 
make all our dreams come true.
Because we let go of all the stories, beliefs and conditioning that 
blocks the path.
Want to give it quick spin?
Focus inside and
 Think of something that isn't how you want it.
(no lists :)
Can you welcome all that brings up? 
 Can you welcome all the thoughts, feelings, pictures, sounds 
 and welcome it all to be here right now?
Can you welcome any wanting,
including any wanting to do anything with or about this?
Can welcome any sense that it is personal,
that it is about you or who you are?
And as best you can, just for now could you just let it go.
Drop it. Let it be.
And just rest as THAT which IS.
Repeat... often... with anything
This is just one of the cool techniques for letting go that I practice from the 
Sedona Method and one of my teachers, Hale Dwoskin.
While I was writing this he sent this 10 min video so I am taking it as a sign to include it.

January, 15th
Is Open Studio Thursday
615 De La Vina #2
Santa Barbara
It is always such a gift to receive you in the studio and enjoy all that unfolds.

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