January 22, 2015



Take action, and trust.
In the past when I have been at the Tucson at the Gem Show
I have noticed how easy it can be to slip into scarcity.
"There is only one like that",
"I am going to miss my chance",
"got to hurry to get there first, 
 because there won't be anything left".
(I LOVE to get there first :)
And, it can create some frantic lack mentality.
But there is a natural flow of vibrant abundance that is always flowing.
It is sure and pure,
and always just what is needed.
It leads us to just the right treasures.
And is always...
 just right.
Take action and trust.
Trust that we will always get exactly what we need. 
Not necessarily the pieces that our ego might want to bring home, 
But the pieces that are in alignment to our intention, 
from miners with heart and conscience.
Pieces that support and are supported.
I am so excited to experience this flow on Saturday,
excited to see what pieces you will be led to.
And thrilled to experience that flow 
during my 20th Tucson Gem Show buying trip!

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