January 29, 2015


Loving the Why...

Driving to Tucson for the gem show 
 gave me a lot of opportunity to think about the "why" 
 behind what we are up to at at Maile Stones Studios.
Here are a few thoughts on why we love to our work with the mineral kingdom...
Because we believe in and practice "The Beauty Way" 
 ( leave everything more beautiful than you found it)
Because Beauty & Nature inform us all with truth
Because The more we all know about the truth of who we really are, 
 the more conscious, vital, compassionate and all around awesome we become.
Because The more humanity connects with Nature and each other the more we create a world were life thrives.
Because you are loved,
and we want you to remember as often as possible that you are loved.
Adorn the Body, Nourish the Soul.
The door is open

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