February 19, 2015

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A loss in atmospheric pressure?

Flying right along at cruising speed and altitude, 
day dreaming about the shapes in the clouds, 

and whamo...

A dip in the atmospheric pressure.
One minute everything feels coolio,
the next minute, you and your plane feel like they are disinergrating.

Ever have a day when you feel like you loose atmospheric pressure?

You wake up one morning, 
and although the external environment hasn't changed, 
your internal environment isn't in alignment with anything.

Not with itself,
not with your loving and concerned lover,
not with your delicious turned torturous meditation practice,
not with your Souls calling in the world,
or with your precious (ingrate f*#$!*g) children.
It all feels like it is disintegrating, 
or maybe just sucking your life force from your bone marrow.

Then just as quickly as it comes, it goes,
(If not call a soul sister immediately).
Cruising speed and altitude are regained,
clouds float by looking like bunnies and elephants,
The horns fall off your children's heads, and a "thank you" escapes their lips.
And gratitude, in waves, washes over you.

A reminder, and note to self:
You are not the external world, 
you are not the internal world.
You are that which IS.
All of it.
That which All of it appears on or in.

with LOVE,
the door is open...


1 Comment


February 20, 2015

OOOO such a good writing… EXACTLY..
I so know this drop in the pressure zones…
YES thank GODDESS for Great SISTERS…

Lets whale out again April 4th?
send me an email and we send you some info…


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