February 26, 2015


Just add water...

What if we came with instructions?
When we started behaving in ways that our significant other wants to run from, 
they could just check out our operating manual...

Mine would say,
"When complaining, snarky and out of sorts, 
from over work and trying to "catch up"...
just add water"
For me, so much can be put into perspective by
 some time on the ocean, especially with a great friend.

But I forget...

Let's say you are behind and need to "catch up"?
 So what do you do?
 Often we put our heads down, work harder, longer hours and skip lunches.
And unless we have assigned real meaning to "catching up", 
we never get there, because there is no "there" to get to.
We are perpetually chasing a nebulous idea of being "caught up".

When was the last time you said to yourself...
"I need to catch up, I had better go _________"
(kayaking, hiking, surfing, to yoga class...) 

It is fantastic...
When we place our bodies
where mental perspective is more readily available,
and then identify what specific actions 
will meet our criteria for feeling "caught up",
we greatly decreased the chances of 
repelling our mate, 
being sleep deprived, 
or under nourished. 
And greatly increase the chance of enjoying life.

Let's help each other to remember.

with LOVE,
the door is open...

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