March 12, 2015


Keeping It Clean...

Spring is about spring!
So many ways to clean out the closets :)
Here is one to be aware of, a helpful reminder.
The four R's
~ As my honey and I learned them from John Gray

They grow from one another.
 We notice something someone is doing, or not doing,
and we feel resistance
we don't say anything we just start criticizing them in our head.
We need to be clear and truthful about our resistance 
 and resolve it with them, or it turns into Resentment.
When we begin to resent them, or their behavior, 
Things start getting blown way out of proportion. 
We begin to blame, be annoyed or frustrated and access only those emotions whenever we see them.
If we don't not clear and resolve this them it turns into Rejection.
When so much resistance and resentment has built up
we start to shut down. 
It becomes difficult or impossible to stay connected emotionally.
We find ourselves being contrary, 
in couples sexual desire is smothered and we pull away.
We are rejecting them.
If we still don't clear and resolve at this stage it becomes Repression.
The most destructive and insidious stage.
We become so tired of all the resistance, resentment & rejection that we give up.
Start stuffing our feelings in order to just keep the peace and harmony.
We become numb.
This is dangerous because at this stage things can seem peaceful.
We can be nice and polite but
we are repressing in order to not feel bad, 
which means we don't feel joy either.
Numb, placid, repression.
No way to live.
There is a way out.
It starts with safe space to speak your feelings with judgement free awareness.
This honest communication can lead to openings and discoveries.
It doesn't have to be all cleared in one sitting
A little bit at a time, an ongoing practice.
A dedication to truth and presence.
A willingness. 
You are not alone.
with LOVE,
the door is open...

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