September 25, 2014


Celebrate It All...

So much going on in all our lives...
sure this is a minute sampling of mine,
but we all have our version any given day of... 

Celestial babies being born, 
surrogate grand-children turning three,
celebrating the coming of first moon with beloved girl friends,
birthdays of dear friends both here and gone, 
family weddings, friends on epic vacations,
historic marches, movements, and meditations for this earth,
a new website being birthed,
a new coaching program begun,
and my "desire to hire" fulfilled, (thanks y'all ;)

Each one of these happenings utterly life-changing
and each one just another ordinary day of
amazing, rich, diverse, blessed, 
and outrageously abundant life.

Love is here for you.
The door is open.
Let's celebrate it all!
Amethyst Heart

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