Desire to Hire...

September 04, 2014

Assistance required.
Ever had any trouble asking for help?
Sometimes we don't know even realize that we need help,
we just keep floundering under the undoable task list,
telling ourselves that we aren't trying hard enough.
Or it is so vulnerable, embarrassing and time consuming 
introducing someone to your half finished projects,
neglected necessities and dropped balls that you just keep plodding along. 
We all need help.
But specifically, right here at the Maile Stones Studio.
We need help.
Desire to hire:
An amazing office guru, social media maven, computer whiz,
handler of tasks, dreamer of systems and organizer of projects.
If you, or someone you love,
is interested in being this person here at Maile Stones Studios,
email for a full job description, or send your fabulous brag page to: 
It feels impossible to relay the importance each and every one of you plays
in the direction, the everyday operations and the shear existence of this studio.

Your help in finding this important part of our team and being your delicious self is so appreciated. 
Love is here for you,
The door is open.
Amethyst Heart

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🦄 The Magic of Unicorns 🦄
🦄 The Magic of Unicorns 🦄

August 27, 2019


Honduran Black Opal is rare and unusual.
A unicorn of the gem world.

This seemingly simple grey/black stone
 flashes a rainbow of color when the sun shines on its face
allowing you a window into its mysterious world...

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🌬Gem Silica Juiciness 🌬
🌬Gem Silica Juiciness 🌬

August 15, 2019


Gem Silica is a blue green and most rare variety of chalcedony...
A highly silicated form of chrysocolla.

This particular piece
came from high in the Andes of Peru
and it's color and quality are amazing...


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🍀 Grossular Garnet Goodness 🍀
🍀 Grossular Garnet Goodness 🍀

August 08, 2019


Soothing the nervous system,
Opening the heart,
allowing for more spaciousness and awareness.
When I feel this green garnet on my skin
I there is a calming.
I notice the receiving of my breath.
I notice the beating of my heart...

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