Divine Guidance...

July 31, 2014

Ocean Jasper

 It is such a dance of preparation, following your intuition, 
letting go and taking action.
A divine opportunity 
to become intimate with that inner guidance that says
 "turn right here, now left."
And a delicious eye opener, 
allowing awareness to how there are many paths to the same destination.
 When you are traveling with your mate,
often times your inner navigation can differ from each other.
 Following your beloveds guidance can seem challenging
 when you feel guided in another direction.
But this practice of letting go, trusting,
 and opening to the magic of this universe, 
whether expressed through you or the being of your affection,
is an incredible, although at times very maddening or humbling experience.
And it all adds to the spice of this grand adventure of life.
I awoke this morning in a luxurious hotel 
called the Esplanade in Zagreb, Croatia.
It was built to accommodate the guest of the Orient express and you can still feel that era alive within it's walls.
It is a hotel I probably would not have guided myself to,
 late at night driving into a unknown foreign city.
 But am in utter delight this morning waking to its beauty, graciousness and fabulous bath tub. 
On to Budapest this morning,
and continuing to open to all the paths to that lead to the destination.
Love is here for you,
The door is open.
Amethyst Heart

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Soothing the nervous system,
Opening the heart,
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