May 29, 2014


Compassion, Tolerance and Empathy...

Chrome Calcite

Yesterday I had a run in with a man in a parking structure.
He believed that I was going too slow and when I stopped to see wether I could fit my car in a space, he honked his horn, then went around me with much tire squealing and engine revving.
I instantly felt horrible.
I felt angry, sad, unsafe and sorry.
Yes, sorry... See I have a cold and I knew that was not operating at my normal speed or adeptness and I was sorry I was in his way.
I ended up behind him and witnessed this driving behavior to the third floor. I parked near him and asked him if he needed help. I said he obviously was in a serious hurry and angry maybe there was something I could help with so he didn't hurt someone.
What ensued was a conversation that lasted about a block as we walked to our mutual destinations.
He explained to me how women are inferior and how I am a stereotype. How men are superior and he was particularly trained to be superior, and how he is important, doing important things, and I am in his way.
Nothing that I could say to him about safety, compassion or tolerance made any difference he just laughed at me.
I was so saddened by this encounter.
Afterward I couldn't stop crying as I realized that this complete lack of empathy for women, is what leads to these horrible happenings like last weekend in Isla Vista.
Personally, I felt unsafe the whole time I was talking with him, and maybe my hero persona was having her way with me, but even more alive in me than self-preservation, was a feeling that if I could just become a real person to him, rather than a stereotype that he wanted out of his way, it could save someones life.
Maybe his.
I feel blessed to be in a community where I am so surrounded by conscious men who truly love and care for others,
 that I am shocked when I encounter lost men like this.
 I forget they exist... but they do.
So grateful to organizations like The Mankind Project, the Charter for Compassion, and AHA! and to the wonderful people who dedicate their lives to teaching compassion, tolerance and empathy.


Love is here for you,
The door is open.
Amethyst Heart

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