May 15, 2014


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Beyond Sufficient...

Kyanite in Quartz

This morning the first lines of the Patrick Kavanagh poem, The Self Slaved are bouncing around...
"Me I will throw away, 
Me, sufficient for the day."
You can find the whole magnificent poem here
but it is these first lines that have my attention.
How many days of life go by
Especially in this heatwave we have been experiencing,
feeling sufficiently productive feels like a major accomplishment.
But you can feel, 
as well as I can, 
the "me, that is sufficient for the day" is uninspired...
She is dragging herself through the list, the work, the responsibilities.
Where is the inspiration for a day beyond sufficient?
It is simply BE-ing.
It is how we are BE-ing in the world, with our list, in our work, our responsibilities. 
A way of holding them,
that no matter what is actually accomplished, 
we have given life, 
this moment of creation, 
our attention.
It is this attention to the moments of the journey,
Be-ing present to them, available with them, that inspires a life beyond sufficient. 


Love is here for you,
The door is open.
Amethyst Heart

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