April 24, 2014


Today and Tonight


SO excited about the talk tonight.
Feels amazing to rest in absolute trust that the universe,
and this rockin' community,
are are on board for whatever is of the highest good.
AND that absolute trust lives side by side 
with an unsure part that prefers to stay a little freaked out.
(like it's going to help!) 
That part is still not quite sure that it's on board with the "live full out and give the gifts you have to give" 
motto of life.
Because speaking in public is vulnerable,
any number of things can happen.
Have you ever had the dream 
where you were about to start your talk
and suddenly realized you forgot to put on your pants?
Well I just woke up from that dream,
it was right after the one where 
the technology wouldn't work, 
and right before the one where 
I forgot everything I was going to say.
But honestly, I don't need to remember 
what I am going to say
because it lives insides of me, it is my experience. 
(and I have great notes :))
The truth is, every one of us was born to share
about our vision/version of experience on this planet.
Every one of us has something unique
to share about being this spirit in a body. 
Every one of us has tools and insights 
we have gathered on the journey which bring
comfort, inspiration, and happiness
to one another.
Tonight, I am so grateful for the opportunity to share some of mine with you.
And to share this Magical evening with these 
beautiful inspiring men Jeff and Georg.
Hope to see you there.
I love you so much
The door is open.
Amethyst Heart

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