Ritual for Equinox

March 19, 2015

Happy Spring!
The Spring Equinox is tomorrow, March 20th,
and it is accompanied this year with a total Lunar eclipse.
I have found that all these years playing with stones 
has brought more awareness of the rhythms and influences of nature.
So, when something of this level of powerful impact is happening,
my system perks up.
When we use these powerful cosmic influences 
to guide and promote change in our life 
the effects can be profound. 
Friday is an ideal day to tap into this.
Here is a simple "can be done anywhere" ritual for you with your stone,
If you can be in nature... great,
but even if you are at your desk at work
simply take a moment.
 Take off your stone. 
  While removing  your stone imagine letting go
 of all of that has come before this moment.
All the choices made, 
 past disappointments, regrets, grudges, even gratitudes.
Letting it all go.
Blow on your stone.
Symbolically clearing it of all that came before.
Blowing away all the Letting go.
 Then simply gaze at it with wonder and awe.
Use fresh eyes that can see 
the unfathomable complexity and beauty of nature.
Allow the beauty of nature to
 guide you to that feeling place in your body 
 that is innately in tune with all that is.
And from that place of connection 
 get in touch with what is alive in you NOW.
Breath that into your stone.
 aligning it with you NOW, in this moment.
Breath into it of all the feeling and desire for moving forward in life.
You may even wish to whisper words or inspirations that are alive in you.
Once you feel that alignment,
Adorn yourself once again with your super charged 
 "new beginning spring Equinox and total super moon eclipse" stone.
 Knowing that from that moment forward nothing will ever be the same.
An old chapter has ended and a new one has truly begun.

with LOVE,
the door is open...

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