March 13, 2014


Dare to Know

 Purple Ruby by Maile
Numb, dull, defeated, lack luster, bored, cramped, frustrated, want to scream, incredulous... 
there are times when the vibration is less then ideal.
But only "less than ideal" because of the judgment that the vibration is "bad" and compared to some other vibration, say ecstasy, not nearly as much fun.
But it is all concepts, beliefs, enculturation.
Numb can be as much of an adventure as effervescent. 
It can inform and point the way to illumination and enlightenment. Enlightenment which translated from the Latin is literally "dare to know".
The tendency, and trap, is to judge ourselves for experiencing less than ideal vibration, 
so we stuff it behind a facade of "I'm fine, and grateful" and not actually allow it to inform and move us to our own enlightenment.
Dare to know our "less than ideal" states of being.
Dare to know the depths of love.
Dare to know... 
With so much love,
The Door is Open.
Amethyst Heart

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