February 13, 2014


Love is in the Air, and in the Earth!

Heart Shapes
So glad to be home,
and what a ride.
Every day at the Tucson Gem Show 
is an adventure into different countries, 
religions, customs, cultures, costumes and languages, 
not to mention the outrageous display of the Earth's phenomenal treasures.
This being the 19th year I have trekked to the 
"Mecca for stone lovers"
I paid special attention to the creation of prejudices toward certain nationalities which have formed. 
The thoughts being along the lines of 
"oh, this guy is a from ______.
That means he will lie, or say anything, to get as much as he can."
In experimenting releasing these supposedly protective thoughts, 
and as much as possible, 
allowing direct experience of ALL as individuals; 
Even going so far as to experience ALL 
as they truth of who they are...
The One.
A whole new level of understanding, love and grace emerges.
Struggle subsides and divine orchestration is inspiring the dance.
It is so beautiful and full of wonder.
 It has allowed for this amazing array of wildly beautiful stones to be brought home to Santa Barbara.
Most will rest in the hills for a few more days, 
being cleaned physically and cleared energetically.
Later, some will be placed in homes and and gardens in the area helping to balance the grid lines of our community.
Others will be carved into, one of a kind,
outrageously beautiful stones to
Adorn the Body and Feed the Soul 
With so much love,
The Door is Open.
Amethyst Heart

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