February 06, 2014


Rockin' Tucson

Days at the Tucson Gem Show whiz by,
 with access to thousands of stones 
from every nook of this planet or farther flung.
These timeless beings,
 that we have the honor to behold 
and possibly hold,
have been here for thousands, 
millions, and in some cases billions of years.
They have so much to teach us,
so much to share.
Each one an emissary of earth 
or the space that surrounds her.
Their story is epic;
beyond time we can imagine,
beyond scale we can fathom.
And yet we are given the opportunity 
to host these beings in our lives.
To adorn our bodies, homes and gardens 
with their magnificence, 
as they help us to understand 
to truth of who we are. 
Still in awe after all these years.

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