January 23, 2014


Stone Lover Appreciation

Chrome Calcite

So excited about the 
Annual Stone Lovers Appreciation Studio Sale 
this Saturday!
Those of you who have been, 
know that traditionally it can be a little on the busy side...
But last year, I actually left in the middle of the Sale 
to attend my dear friend Sammy's 
memorial paddle-out service, 
and it changed my relationship to this Sale forever. 
(many aspects of Sammy's life have had that effect on me!)
This Sale is all about now much fun can we have, 
being as generous as possible.
You are loved and appreciated,
and I want you to know it.
I am grateful for the opportunity 
to express that gratitude this Saturday 
through ridiculously low prices, 
on phenomenal stone love
for you and your family to enjoy for life.
There will be Champagne, wine, good food and great people!
Come today for a preview, but to be fair to all, no price slashing until Saturday :)
With so much love, 
The door is open.

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