January 16, 2014


Resist No More...

Dog Tooth Amethyst

Cleanse time again.
I am always surprised at the amount of resistance
that occurs every time I know a cleanse is nigh.
And even though I have had almost three decades of practice...
 and I know how great I will feel...
 I still have to wrestle that sugar addiction to the ground,
 and get my determination on for the first couple of days.
There are always so many great reasons 
to put it a cleanse off...
Your best friend's birthday,
company in town,
a big project afoot,
 or in my case the upcoming Studio Sale.
But after the first few days
everything becomes easier. 
And the clarity and energy return with such delight,
 that you can't even fathom why you had any resistance to begin with.
Wishing you optimal health and well being.
With so much love, 
The door is open.

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