December 19, 2013


Thursday before Christmas...

Pink Opal

Twas the week before christmas and all through the studio,

the stones were excited to meet their new people.

Randy at the grinder and I stringing stones,

with Pandora bringing carols in all different tones,

there arose in the office, were all the gems live, 

a cacophony of voices and what they all give.

Ease, Grace and Love! they shouted with joy,

Abundance and Creativity! whether girl or boy.

On and on they proclaimed their love,

for all of creation, below and above.


And they await you today, as an amazing gift,

for that special someone who could use a lift.

 With so much joy we bring to you, 

these elegant beings, so strong and so true.

Happy Holidays! 

See you today

or if you RSVP'ed, see you Saturday!



with so much love, 
The door is Open

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