December 12, 2013


Santa Sized Britches...

Russian Amazonite
Ever notice when you are going 
through profound stages of growth, 
that questioning whether you are on the right path 
can arise regularly?
 Simply because it is uncomfortable, or unfamiliar. 
But when we sit with quiet, 
and allow perspective,
 it is really our dreams coming true.
When dreams become manifest,
 healing the parts that feel not deserving, becomes imperative.
Stretching beyond what we have lived before,
 whether it is with love, money or happiness, 
requires letting go of the beliefs that keep us small
 "and in our place".
It's time to get "too big for your britches"!
If you have outgrown aspects of your life,
this holiday season, 
give yourself permission 
too breathe into the life of your dreams.
And try on 
Santa Sized Britches!
I am IN.
are you IN?
with so much love, 
The door is Open

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