November 21, 2013


Happy to be Home (:

Home to sweet rain!
Waking up to a sky and view that is outrageously beautiful, the air crisp, clear and vibrant, and that cozy delicious feeling of being home.
My heart was so heavy and sad yesterday leaving Kauai.  
Then driving through Los Angeles, late at night in the rain, after having been in one of the softest, most feminine and beautiful places in the world, was straight out of some sci-fi film like Blade Runner. All angular, neon and slick. A bit of a shock to the system.
But this morning all my sadness and shock has vanished.
There is just intoxicating excitement at being home in my community that I love, ready to head down to the studio and greet my stone friends and open the doors to receive you! 
With SO much love and Aloha
The Door is Open

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