Fun Factor

April 23, 2015

(Pendant pictured Chrysocolla)
Fun Factor
Last week was SO much fun!!!
Thank you everyone who came in on Thursday.
Thank you for bringing with you beautiful flowers 
and special treasures and picking out your birthday beads.
Every one of you made it an amazing day, THANK YOU!
But hey, not every day is your birthday.
How do we keep the fun factor alive?
Fun used to follow me around like a lost puppy.
Didn't matter what I was doing,
everything seemed like fun.
Not so much now days.
I am noticing the need to be disciplined about having fun!
If not, there is this tendency to create an efficient routine.
 And while a routine might be very effective, 
 if it isn't challenging and exciting,
Guess what?....
blah blah blah...
The spark, the varoom, the joie de vivre
goes bye bye baby, bye bye, 
 swallowed up by the "get it done" monster.
Got to break up the comfortable routine.
Get imaginative on ways to make everyday chores
 or dreaded tasks, more like playing a game.
A cartwheel or a hand stand, 
 can completely transform my mood.
What transforms yours?
Sleep outside, make dinner a picnic, put fresh flowers on your desk
& write yourself a little note of appreciation to go with them.
Then do the same for your coworker.
There must be millions of ways to create fun in everyday.
What is your favorite way to create fun?
Please, click here to comment on the Facebook page.
Please contribute,
Let's share ideas!
And I will be away form ALL technology until sunday night, 
vision questing/rebooting in nature.
 I can't wait to read all your comments 
and add some more ideas when I fire up my computer on Monday!
Now that is what I call FUN.
With Love,
the door is open

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