October 24, 2013


Connecting the Web...


Yellow Danburite
Next week I am off to share the wonders of the 
Magical Mineral Kingdom, and frolic with Mom and the Mermaids on the beloved Island of Kauai!
This year I will be leading offerings with the stones,
introducing these tremendous teachers and meditations to deepen our connection with their loving guidance.
We will also be clearing blocks that keep us from fully receiving the immensity of their love available every moment.
And you will all be there...
Because every one of you have created a relationship with your stones and experienced being truly connected to higher power, ourselves, the earth and to this OUTRAGEOUS tribe of stone lovers that is woven across the globe. 
It is this web of love, that you have helped create, that we will be accessing. Thank you! 
So grateful for the opportunity to share these exquisite beings with the world and for the family we have all created through our willingness to love ourselves and each other.
With SO much gratitude,
The Door is Open

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