October 17, 2013


Time to Breathe...


Hematoid Quartz- Madagascar
The moment that we have awareness that we are being tyrannized by time, 
is the moment we can step out of being victim,
and step into choosing well-being. 
Our well-being is always most important.
Have you ever piled so many "to do" items on your plate, that by the end of the day you are rushing, frustrated, beat down and under nourished?
Yep. That would have been me yesterday.
I could feel my being leaning forward pressing into the next moment, like if I hurried this moment up, the next one would come sooner and I could get more done.
Crazy huh?
Awareness came when I was rushing...
cursing at the car in front of me going ridiculously slow...
to a gathering.
A gathering I was really excited about, but just now felt like another "to do" item. No joy, just "I am late, I have three more things to get done before I have to be there"
I realized that I was sitting in the belief that there wasn't enough time and I was being victimized by it's inevitable march.
When awareness dawned, there was that moment when, now I had awareness, 
but some part didn't want to let go of the victim. 
She was justified in her frazzlement, dammit!
I physically sat back and took a deep breath. 
And remembered,
The most important thing here is my well-being.
Truly there is only this moment.
I had to lead the mind down off its high horse of entitled insanity to a the present moment. 
I had to choose to be totally present to the moment that was happening.
Magic. Peace. Relief. Compassion. Love.
Being fully present in this moment, to this moment; 
well being and sanity exists here. 
We create time by our presence with it.
This moment is all that truly exists.
Thank you for your presence.
With SO much love,
The Door is Open

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